• Sept 2019  I just wanted to let you know that Levi has loved this music class.  He doesn't tell me much details, but he always is excited to go, which is very telling for a kid who always argues about going to any activity!
  • Amelia loves her Kids Music Tour class with Alysha.  She drew her own lesson plan!  It says, “Amelia's teaching class today. We are going to learn about sounds and beats.- Ann W
  • Emily loved, loved, Loved! this program. She did all of them. Emily had fun and learned some music basics. She was also able to play in front of friends and family at the recitals. A great experience!  - Linda 
  • “I can’t wait for Thursday.  Ms. Alysha said we’re gonna start on the electric guitar!!”  - Rylie 
  • Highly recommend these classes!!!! - Leslie
  • Initially our daughter would not perform even in class. She enjoyed the recital at last day and even has taken a speaking role in her 1st grade performance!!
  • We LOVE this program. Perfect for his age - low pressure and just fun! We feel like he learned a lot but also got a really good foundation for the idea that music is enjoyable (not something you are sentenced to).
  • Thanks again for everything. He really enjoyed the class and told me a lot about what you were working on. I also really appreciate you developing a program for children this age. My husband and I are both educators and often there isn't much for children in that grey zone. ~ Shaina, Callin’s mom