Voice & Recorder Session



Big kids love to sing! Singing is a natural skill for every child. Singing is all about breath control – and Kids Music Tour Voice & Recorder session helps big kids learn to master their breath. They’ll go from tossing out random sounds to making the beautiful notes they want. Kids will learn to match pitch and follow the melody, singing in unison and harmony. They’ll learn some notes on the recorder, building both breath control and finger dexterity, important skills for so many instruments. Your child will learn proper mic technique and the basics about how the PA system works. Kids grow in confidence and stage presence. Kids will develop listening skills, hearing both singing and recorders at the same time, learning to find their part in the songs. And, we showcase teamwork, the critical component of all music making. Through songs, activities, chants, free play and stories, the Voice & Recorder session really helps your child find their voice!

We provide all the equipment. Recorders are cleaned and stored safely after each use. No need to purchase anything extra.



Clockwise from top left:  1. Kids learn the parts of the PA system and effective mic technique while building confidence and hearing their singing voices amplified like pros!  2.  In each session, kids warm up their voices with a silly, full body action rhyme.  3.  Using Recorders help kids learn breath control.  4. Kids love the surprise gift they get at the Demo Show....cool shades!  They learn a song they sing as a group and also share a song of their own choosing.